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My mother was an  actress. The first time I saw her on stage I was about five years old. Everything changed. I became theatre obsessed. We have a world renowned theatre tradition in the west of Ireland of of course throughout the globe the Irish are known for their Storytelling. I was totally emersed in that world.

However, it was many years before I had the confidence to train as an actor or to even be able to imagine it was something I could do. My journey started in London and it hard at the time, total snobbery and xenophobia, which only fueled my desire to succeed.

Eventually for perseverance and holding your own you earn a place at the table. I went to America to fortify my confidence training at The Lee Strasberg Institute of Theatre and Film. I was taken under the wing of the formidable Hope Arthur who coached me privately and lit a fire in and under me. I literally took every acting course known to man to be able to stand in an audition room and say this is me, this is what I got.

After about ten years of nothing, not being paid, terrible scripts and production technical fails things took a positive turn. Suddenly, I was getting Broadway callbacks, auditioning for major projects and  being invited by respected international casting directors to tape for roles . As my CV credits crept up there so did my confidence which is so necessary to grow and flourish in the industry.


I'm now nailing auditions rather than always being the person who nearly gets the role. I am not such a gamble anymore.  I have been in seven award winning films, feature and short. I'm riding on the coat tails of the Irish actors known globally for their tenacity and talent.

Its 2024, I've already made a short on film with an uber talented female director, I have two more scheduled before summers end and am in play rehearsals. Daily I am diligently sending my audition tapes through Spotlight, recording voice overs for clients, writing and performing poetry, networking at some film festival, and keeping the faith.

Away from my art I am mother to the most wonderful human being Ruby who studies Biology at University and moonlights as a Jungle DJ.

At home, I have an ecosystem worth of plants and there is always time to dance. Not going to tell you my vices...but boy do I have stories ;) 

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