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Words With Ro

I grew up in Co. Sligo, Ireland. Sligo is abundantly rich in literature history, inspiring some of Yeats greatest and most loved poems. Under this influence, my love and knowledge of poetry developed and deepened at a very young age. As a child I began to write my own poems inspired by the beauty of nature and the mystical environment in which I was developing. As a teen I was asked to record the lectures for the Yeats Society and it was here during summers backstage in the dark I would delight in listening intently to the visiting poets and scholars words. Here too I learned how to analyse poetry and found a community. I believe that each persons relationship with a poem is unique. I am commited to bringing poetry and especially the poets of Ireland to a wider audience. "Words with Ro" is my YouTube channel. I have combined my love of poetry and acting. On my channel not only do I read the works of great writers I encourage listeners to write their own. A work in progress, this channel will quickly evolve based on my interactions. But for now it is a safe place for people with a passion for poetry to land.

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